B2B Change Management Campaign
Humana 2.GO

Use of new sales software exceeded adoption goals by 37%

Where we started

Proving that you really can make your job easier.

Evolving a business is hard work. Getting your employees on board with it? Even harder. When Humana was ready to introduce six new sales tools, they knew they needed more than just a good UX. They had to get 40,000 independent insurance Agents excited about adjusting their sales processes (easy, right?). Enter Heinrich.

Where we made an impact

We were born to inspire change.

To ensure we understood how each tool would impact Humana’s Agents, we pulled up a chair for some product demos. We walked away inspired to tell a story. One that focused on an Agent’s day-to-day rather than the tech behind the tools. We told that story through a day-in-the-life video and a behavioral automation email campaign to announce the 2.GO initiative.

15% video engagement rate

From giveaway prizes to content production.

The email campaign did more than just spread the word. We also incentivized Agents with a train-to-win sweepstakes, where every completed 2.GO training gave them an additional entry to win prizes including a laptop or smartphone. The sweepstakes became a big selling point that we highlighted in webinars, podcasts, newsletters and other content we created for the launch of 2.GO.

83% audience engagement rate

Making a lasting impact.

We got more than 30% of Agents on board with the new digital sales tools in the first year, helping them sell more efficiently. With the new processes, Agents were happier because they could save time (and a few trees).

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