Smile Stronger - B2B Sales Enablement Campaign
Humana Dental

Expanded awareness of Humana dental plans by 17%

Where we started

How we helped Humana spread the smiles.

When consumers thought of Humana, they thought Medicare. They certainly did not think dental, which is a shame, because Humana offers a strong suite of dental plans that can help many people get the coverage they need.

So we set out to change their perceptions with a two-pronged approach. A B2B campaign educated insurance Agents on why—and how—to sell these stand-alone plans. Then, B2C marketing materials equipped those Agents to spread the new word for Humana: dental.

Where we made an impact

We were born to strengthen sales. And teeth.

Heinrich crafted a clear and impactful creative concept: Smile Stronger. Agents were encouraged to “Give yourself something to smile about.” That something? An extra $4,000 a year selling dental plans. Heinrich combined all sales-enablement materials—from banner ads to brochures, postcards to print ads—into a strategically-planned toolkit that Agents could customize for their market and use to grow their sales.

B2B awareness of dental plans with Agents increased 17%
0.4% increase in dental members
More than 3,500 marketing materials used by Agents

Heinrich’s B2B materials reached our audience on and offline. Our direct mail and robust email campaign, drove to Agents, where they could explore a wealth of informative content like video, a webinar and testimonials. They could also sign up to receive more information, opening the airways for the campaign to stay in touch.

Benchmark-breaking email open rate of 26%
Conversion rate 17%

A healthy impact.

The convergence of healthcare, B2B and B2C marketing made this campaign prime for Heinrich. Our business smarts brought the key insights. Our 360 execution delivered the results. And our clients at Humana weren’t the only ones smiling.

We brought expertise in all three categories and a diligently developed 360 strategy, which ultimately delivered results for our partners at Humana.

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