Treating You - Integrated Campaign
Humana Provider Alliance Partnerships

Increased Humana’s strategic provider membership by 40%

Where we started

Seniors deserve better care. But first, they have to believe better care exists.

The healthcare system is failing seniors. Enter Humana’s Strategic Alliance Partnership Development. Ninety Medicare-focused clinics all across America. Seniors get value-based care, an empathetic experience, and better outcomes. It sounds too good to be true, which made it awfully tricky to tell people about.

How we made an impact

We were born to help people believe the unbelievable.

Consistent communication at a local level.

Heinrich developed a co-branded communications platform that let Humana showcase its senior-focused clinics through the lens of real stories. We drilled down to the provider level, helping them reach out to their local neighborhoods, and positioning Humana as the doorway to a new type of care.

When consumers thought of Humana, they thought Medicare. They certainly did not think dental, which is a shame, because Humana offers a strong suite of dental plans that can help many people get the coverage they need.

So we set out to change their perceptions with a two-pronged approach. A B2B campaign educated insurance Agents on why—and how—to sell these stand-alone plans. Then, B2C marketing materials equipped those Agents to spread the new word for Humana: dental.

20% share of community

To help drive awareness and tell a richer story, our media team made pre-roll video an integral part of our digital engagement efforts. Some say it’s hard to reach seniors online, but we found a way to get it done.

Completion exceeded benchmarks by 40%.

We facilitated TV interviews with brand ambassadors, so seniors could see that real people were finally getting the care they deserved.

News video content reached 107,000 Seniors.

Our work helped Strategic Alliance Partners dominate the Medicare Advantage-affiliated provider share of the market. And it forged a stronger relationship between Humana and doctor’s offices. Everybody’s reputation has been elevated. And seniors finally believe there is someone out there treating them how they should be treated.

I want to underscore how much I like this creative–cleaner and clearer message. It is also on brand with who Oak Street is and does a great job conveying the importance of the two key choices–their plan and their provider.
- Tamara Jurgenson, Chief Growth Officer for Oak Street Health

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