Mile High Flea Market
A Flea for All – Integrated Campaign

Three straight years of growth in a flat category.

A market for you and you and you.

We were born to do everything at once.

To increase the volume of first-time and inactive sellers, Heinrich supported a promotion for $25 discounted spaces. This didn’t cost the Flea much, and it allowed us to develop a hyper-local incremental media approach that consisted of quick-to-market, high-profile tactics that we could run in realtime.

click-through compared to standard display


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3.7MM impressions in three months.

In 2018, we found the future. We initiated a disruptive, AI-powered mobile display campaign aimed at buyers. This was even more difficult than it sounds. Increasing visitation is two-pronged—you need to attract new customers and increase the frequency of existing customers. We used real-time data points stemming from the devices that are with all of us all the time—our mobile phones. Evaluating our highest-potential target audience’s travel time to the Flea, their behavioral attributes and their location-based device ID history data allowed us to pursue both metrics. We engaged customers who hadn’t been around for six months at least. And we re-engaged and retargeted customers who had. The campaign was optimized against incremental visits and footfall uplift in real time.

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