Treating You – Integrated Campaign
Humana Strategic Alliance Partnership

Increased Humana’s Medicare Advantage Strategic Alliance membership by 40%.

We were born to help you believe the unbelievable.

Treating Seniors the way we’d want to be treated

The healthcare system is failing Seniors. They get rushed in and out by doctors who don’t respect their opinions or listen to their stories. Seniors deserve better. And Humana wanted to give it to them.  Enter the Strategic Alliance Partnership Development. Ninety Medicare-focused clinics all across America. Seniors get value-based care, an empathetic experience, and better health outcomes. All Heinrich had to do was tell seniors that Humana opens the door to doctors that treat them how they should be treated. Easy. Sounds great.  The problem? It sounds too good to be true.

Viewability and completion exceeded benchmarks by 40%.

Our content team got off their phones for two seconds and stepped into the broadcast space, running TV interviews with brand ambassadors. Seniors could see that real people were finally getting the care they deserved.

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