Tough times don’t last. Tough (empathetic, optimistic, hard-working) businesses do.

We're helping businesses get ready for whatever the world looks like next, with new products and services that lean into what Heinrich does best. Rethink, position, and go.

Virtualize your sales process.

Salespeople are used to making their pitch one-on-one. But the age of social distancing is going to make consumers wary of sitting down with anyone they don’t know. We can help you virtualize your process, digitize your enablement materials, and get your sales team used to a new way of doing business.

COVID-19 brain-storming workshop.

COVID-19 will force businesses to rethink their models. What can you do to take advantage of this massive shift in consumer psyche? We’ll run a virtual brainstorming workshop, complete with white paper, stickies, and as many team members as you want. And together we’ll create a roadmap that will help you not just get back to profitability, but uncover whole new streams of income. 

Digital readiness check.

COVID-19 has forced even more people online, including a tidal wave of senior citizens. Our UX team will audit your website and make sure it’s optimized to take advantage of this accelerated shift in consumer behavior.

Lead generation support.

Many businesses need to generate new business fast. The problem is finding qualified leads. We create conversation and sales enablement materials for Humana and other companies, and we can use that expertise to help you fill your pipeline.

Social calendar/ content creation.

Struggling with how to talk about social distancing without seeming tone-deaf? Our content team can audit your existing feeds. Make recommendations on what type of content to create. And even create a calendar that will guide your community managers through the coming months.

Deck creation and online presentation coaching.

Virtual presentations take different skills. Your deck has to be designed to be clear, communicate crisply, and rely less on large videos that might not stream the way you want them too. And presenters have to rely more on their voice and less on body language. Heinrich can help you prepare for a presentation that works.

Morale-boosting services.

Every employee wants to work from home. Until they have to do it. Slowly, many start to feel more and more isolated from the team and culture that attracted them to your business in the first place. We can change that. We’ll edit together team videos. Record Zoom interviews. And even design branded internal graphics that will get people back on the same page.

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