To influence behavior, you need to know what influences culture.

Connecting clients and cultures since the turn of the century.

Hispanidad—our internal multicultural marketing agency—has been a part of Heinrich for 20 years. We’ve driven our clients’ communication strategies beyond the general market, reaching culturally and ethnically diverse consumers. We’ve got deep experience in Hispanic marketing and speaking to a variety of audiences, including Tribal Communities, African Americans, Asian Americans and the LGBTQ community. We do it all with an experienced, integrated team who creates messaging that speaks your audience’s language. Often literally.

Translating what you mean, not what you say.

Rather than directly translate your message, we prefer to transcreate it. In other words, instead of translating every word, we translate the meaning behind them. Factors such as history, context, culture, demographics and finances influence how everyone “hears” a message. So we do our research, making sure we understand your audience, their tastes, their customs and their language. By transcreating, we ensure the idea of what you’re saying stays intact, resonating exactly as it was intended.

Of course, if a word-for-word translation is what you need, we can do that too.