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Location-specific information.

  • Humana needs to provide localized content to its Agents, such as regional plan details and programs. We created a personal experience that delivers dynamic, location-based content, ensuring they’re in the know about what matters most.

Role-based dynamic resources.

  • Some of Humana’s resources—such as certain sales technology tools—are limited to a select group of Agents. To accommodate this, we dynamically added specific sections (and even entire pages) based on Agent type.

Searchable content library.

  • The work of a Medicare Agent isn’t limited to 9-5, so they need to be able to learn on their own time. We created a rich, easy-to-navigate library of educational content that can be filtered by topic or type. From on-demand webinars to podcasts, videos, playbooks and more, Agents can quickly find and consume the content they need on their terms.

Content measurement tools.

  • Providing a ton of resources isn’t nearly as important as providing the right ones. To make sure we continue to give Agents the content they actually want, we incorporated the ability to measure which content they’re engaging with and how they’re engaging with it.

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