Senior-focused Primary Care – Integrated Campaign
Partners in Primary Care

475% business growth in a single year


Inventing a whole new category of care

Coffee and calendars and message platforms. Modern life will drive you nuts. Now imagine you’re a senior who just wants to have a thoughtful, respectful conversation with a doctor. Ain’t going to happen. Until now. Partners in Primary Care is innovating. Creating a new sort of health care experience that spoke Seniors’ language. But the competition was coming, and they needed to claim the model before other brands jumped in.

We were born to seize the moment.

We helped coin the phrase “Senior-focused primary care” and went to market with it, designing, executing and optimizing an integrated campaign that launched a category.

Million Impressions


Social Engagement Rate


Increase in Site Users


Our content team interviewed patients, doctors, and other members of the care team, creating videos, blog posts and articles that spoke Seniors’ language, because they told Seniors’ stories.

Then we dialed in, executing a hyper-local media plan within five miles of individual centers. We leaned on the real stories our team created to attract real Seniors to a place that was made with them in mind – really.

This was a market that was poised for growth. And we helped own the opportunity, educating and attracting an audience with a message they wanted to hear. Finally there was primary care built with their needs in mind

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